Escaping Reality: Telugu Full Movies Now Playing on OTT

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Here are three funny Telugu films that will make you laugh out loud and take you to a world of relatable people. Comedy movies Telugu offer outstanding side-splitting comedy and a momentary escape from reality. If you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed or just need a break from the worries of everyday life, hop onto the aha video app now.

1 – Boys Hostel: An Animated Tour of College Life

Enter the crazy world of “Boys Hostel,” where friends, pranks, and amusing mishaps make up college life. In this film, a group of guys navigate the highs and lows of college life. They experience their first loves and their ongoing battle to stay out of the dormitory warden’s prying eyes. Anticipate slapstick humour, clever banter, and realistic scenarios that will bring forth fond memories of your own college years, only with a lot more humour.

For anybody who has ever had to deal with the challenges of college life, Boys Hostel provides a nostalgic trip down memory lane. The film portrays the friendships and mischievousness that frequently characterise this time, from spontaneous practical jokes on gullible people to late-night study sessions propelled by coffee and instant noodles. Every character has their own peculiarities and humorous timing, making them all lovable and relatable. You’ll find yourself giggling with them as they deal with romances, exams, and the constant fear of being discovered by the warden.

2 – Sound Party: An Unforgettable Musical Mayhem

Prepare for an endless celebration with “Sound Party,” a film available on aha video hat blends humorous comedy with appealing music. The plot is about a bunch of wannabe musicians who choose to host a music festival as a way to show off their abilities. Their preparations, however, take a humorous turn for the worse when they run into a string of unexpected guest appearances and technical difficulties. The film is an ode to camaraderie, melody, and the ability to laugh despite adversity.

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You’ll be singing and tapping your feet along to the lively and upbeat movie Sound Party. The humorous scenarios are wonderfully complemented by the soundtrack, which consists of a blend of upbeat songs and oddball lyrics. The film also features a gifted ensemble that exudes passion in their roles. Each character in the story adds a distinct comic flair, from the hesitant guitarist who eventually finds his voice to the wannabe rapper who finds it difficult to maintain rhythm.

3 – #MENTOO: A Comedic Take on Social Commentary

“#MENTOO” addresses a timely societal issue—the pressure on young men to succeed in today’s cutthroat society—while maintaining a light-hearted tone. The film tells the tale of a young man who aspires to be a CEO despite his lack of academic talent. His trip is full of hilarious mishaps and unexpected meetings, and it also subtly critiques the expectations society has of young men.

Using humour, #MENTOO addresses the pressures and fears that young men confront in a culture that is fixated on success. The protagonist’s journey is realistic in that it illustrates the challenges of balancing one’s actual self with society’s standards. The protagonist’s ridiculous plans and his frequently misguided attempts provide the humour in the film. Beneath the surface, though, is a moving message about how important it is to forge your own route and define success according to your own standards.

To conclude

The next time something unexpected happens in life, grab some popcorn, turn on one of these comedy movies, Telugu, and allow the laughter to relieve your stress. You’ll be shocked at how quickly you can lose yourself in a hilarious universe and forget about your troubles. These films serve as a reminder that sometimes all it takes to alleviate your perspective is a good laugh, so they’re more than simply light entertainment.

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