A new study has shown that over-the-counter drugs are, in fact, toxic to dogs. This could mean that your dog suffers from gastrointestinal issues and other harmful effects after ingesting common medications you may have around the house. As CBD use becomes more mainstream, many dog owners are curious about whether or not it is safe for their pets to consume CBD oil or treats with Cannabidiol. Ingesting CBD will likely result in different effects than smoking or vaping, so it’s important to read articles on to know the proper way to give your dog CBD without harming them.

1) Good old treats

CBD dog treats are a popular way to give your pup the benefits of CBD. They’re easy to administer and most dogs love the taste. Simply select a treat with the desired amount of CBD and give it to your dog like you would any other treat.

2) Essential oils

Essential oils are concentrated liquids that contain the essence of a plant. They can be used in a diffuser to fill the air with the oil’s arma, or they can be diluted and applied topically. Essential oils are also sometimes used as dietary supplements. Read more about essential oils on

3) Tinctures

Tinctures are one of the most popular ways to ingest CBD for dogs. They are easy to administer and can be added to your dog’s food or water. Tinctures are also a great option for picky eaters or dogs who refuse to take pills. However, not all tinctures are created equal. You should look for brands that contain either full-spectrum or broad-spectrum hemp oil (and less than 0.3% THC). Your veterinarian may also have recommendations on what type of tincture would work best with your pet’s specific needs.

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