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If you enjoy shooting and want to modify the magnification of your variable optics, throw levers should be on your shopping list. These are also referred to as power levels or cattails. Switchview’s basic fold-down lever can come in handy for individuals who use low-power variable optics.  Throw levers, cattails, and power levers are all terms for the same thing: the ability to alter the magnification level of your variable optic quickly.

Instead of switching between magnification levels manually, which can take time, all you have to do is hold the stick. With a throw lever, you can accomplish a lot of things rapidly, from scanning a target in the woods to hitting the target at close range.

What is the significance of throw levers?

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 You don’t need a throw lever if you’re just learning the game’s tricks, at least not at first. When it comes to competitive gaming or hunting in the woods, though, timing is a bit more crucial. You don’t have time to make a mistake or adjust your magnification settings. Throw levers, to put it another way, give you that extra little edge in competition and when shooting in the wild. You can anticipate changing your magnification levels more quickly and easily through scope compatability for Switchview throw levers. If you don’t comprehend some of the OEM alternatives on the market, the good news is that throw levers can be purchased separately.

Purchasing throw levers

 As previously said, throw levers come in a variety of settings, and adjusting the scope is simple. The scope size is what matters for your purchase because it defines the type of throw lever you’ll require. It’s worth noting that each of these throw levers was created for a distinct purpose. Most internet retailers that sell throw levers have a chart that will assist you to figure out what kind of goods you’ll need based on your project’s scope. You should also consider whether the product is inexpensive, while internet businesses are more likely to offer higher-quality products at lower prices.

While throw levers may not appear to be essential, they are quite beneficial. Simply double-check the measurements and charts, and if you’re shopping online, see if the store allows you to return or exchange anything. These are just a few fundamental considerations, but overall, throw levers are well worth the investment and every penny.


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