What are the advantages and disadvantages of the amphetamine.

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Amphetamine is the drug which is used mainly to treat the defects that are found in the nervous system. For any drug it is very common that it will have both advantages and disadvantages. But you need to be wise when selecting the drug. You have to select the drug in such a way that the drug which you have selected should have to cure the problem for what you have used it. And after curing the disease you have to check that the drug will have to show minimal adverse reactions so that the person need not to depend on the drugs to cure the problems that are created by another drug. In a similar way amphetamine also one of the drug that show both the advantages and adverse effects. You will the drug amphetamine with the name Adderall and other trade names. The trade name of the drug will be depends on the company and it should be relevant to the drug or chemical that is being used. If there is no relevance with the drug then it is difficult to remember the name and difficult to find it in the market.

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What are the adverse effects of amphetamine?

  • You will find amphetamine drug in the drug which is used to treat the diseases that are related to the nervous system. Adderall is the brand name of this drug that you will find in the market. For any drug the side effects or adverse effects will depend on various factors like the dosage of the drug that has taken.
  • The duration of the drug is also play an important role for any drug to show its effect. If any drug that you have taken for over period of time which is more than recommended time by the doctor then your body will develop resistance against it and it start creating various side effects in the body.
  • The over usage of this drug will create problems that are related to the heart. This may include hypertension and hypotension. As the over dose of this drug will create problems in heart patients it is contraindicated in those people.
  • Some studies will reveal that this drug will create different types of gastric problems. Though there is no conclusive evidence for the problems that are created by this are unpredictable.


Before starting any drug know about the adverse effects so that you can avoid it.

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