Genetics and cultivation of Sour Diesel

How to grow cbd strains

Marijuana or sour diesel is one of the most sought after varieties in today’s world. Despite the uncertainties about its origins, we said that the genetics of Sour Diesel has a very clear identity: 70% sativa and 30% indica.

Below we explore its characteristics in more detail, including those related to its cultivation.

Those who decide to cultivate this variety derive great satisfaction from it.

In fact, Sour Diesel prefers temperate climates and its flowering time is relatively short, while the harvests, at the same time, are very substantial.

The Sour D cbd flower, as well as it is often called , produces very nice compact and spherical peaks even at the sight.

In indoor cultivation , she reaches a maximum height of around 160cm. which can be reduced to about one meter through the use of methods such as loScrOG. Yields are very generous and rewarding: when grown indoors, Sour Diesel can produce up to 525g / m2 after a flowering period of 10 weeks , which can range from a minimum of 9 to a maximum of 11.

How to grow cbd strains? If grown outdoors, however, Sour Diesel plants can reach a height of 2 meters, which certainly requires more effort in pruning, but which also ensures, around the end of October, a decidedly excellent harvest: up to 600 g per plant. .

Sour Diesel: effects

Being a dominant varietysativa, the Sour Diesel contains a good amount of THC(about 19%); this translates into a “high” that we could define lucid, since it does not lead to the loss of the capacity for discernment, and which occurs shortly after the assumption, extending over time.