What is Taiko Drumming?


One of the biggest global trends that a lot of people have started to see is the development of a culture that extends beyond national boundaries and instead syncretizes a wide range of cultural practices into what can ostensibly be considered some kind of world culture that every single human being in the world can end up following regardless of where they are originally from at this current point in time. Japanese culture has had a really strong influence on the development of global culture, with various aspects of Japanese cultural practices being adopted by people that sometimes live thousands of kilometers away from Japan.

A major aspect of this has to do with Japanese music, more specifically music that is of a cultural nature rather than something that came about due to popular musical preferences and the like. Japan has a strong inclination towards drumming music, and Taiko Drumming tends to be a major aspect of this. It is quite similar to the drum lines that we see in various armies as well as sporting events, and as a result of the fact that this is the case you can find some things that remain consistent throughout all of the aforementioned practices that we have referred to.


Taiko drumming is also somewhat different in that there are costumes that people might wear. These costumes are supposed to represent things like spirits in nature among other things, and by looking into this drumming genre you can obtain a much deeper understanding of why people end up doing what they do and behaving how they choose to behave. Checking out this type of drumming can be a lot of fun and it can also be spiritual

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