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There are currently several favorable laws that govern cannabis delivery services. For example, the California government requires that delivery services operate in any jurisdiction within the state. As a result, in weed delivery, counties that wish to prohibit delivery services from operating in their communities will be unable to enforce their laws legally. As a result of other laws, cannabis delivery drivers are now permitted to carry upwards of $10,000 worth of cannabis products.

People unable to drive to a storefront dispensary can receive medicinal-grade cannabis from delivery services as a community service. Health issues prevent many individuals from driving or traveling. The shop comes to people instead of weed delivery forcing them to visit a storefront dispensary if they cannot. It is not only those with health issues who cannot drive to a storefront dispensary but also stay-at-home moms and dads who cannot.

For one reason or another, only some people want to walk into a storefront dispensary. No matter what you’re doing, whether it’s work-related, your spouse, your parents, and so on, delivery services must maintain your privacy. You won’t see a large sign stating what service a delivery driver provides when he or she pulls up to your house. The delivery drivers and vehicles are meant to remain incognito, so they are discreet in their actions.


Even though cannabis is legal in many states, many people want to keep their privacy since they lead professional lives or have family obligations. The number of parents who consume cannabis is increasing, but they also wish to keep their business a secret. As a result, many people who have considered trying cannabis have yet to do so – until they have heard about marijuana delivery services.

However, the federal government still considers cannabis businesses legal, even though cannabis is legal in several states. There have been instances in the past of the federal government raiding legal storefront dispensaries, demonstrating the dangers these brick-and-mortar businesses still face. Over the last two to five years, delivery services have come a long way.


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