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Taper Lock

With tapper lock bush pulleys, unskilled labor can achieve coupling of pulleys and shrink-fitting of shafts with a hexagon wrench. The arrangement of longitudinally tapered bushes and half-threaded holes promote ease of fitting and fast clamping.An internal screw holds the poleas taper lock bushing in place, providing a slimmer fit than a flanged bushing. Taper-lock bushings are named after the 8-degree taper from one side to the other before they lock into place.For shaft-hub-connections, Taper-Lock Bushes are the preferred choice for standard and series drives. We produce a full range of standard and customized drive components. Available in standard sizes 1008 to 5050, and in special sizes, taper-lock bushings are available in a variety of diameters.

When installing a poleas taper lock bushing, do not use any lubricant or anti-seize. Neither will prevent the bushing from seating properly, which can result in upsetting your machine and making it fail.Bush the sprocket or sheave, aligning the bushing’s holes with the sprocket’s or sheave’s threaded holes, and screw in the screws in the threaded holes by hand. Attach the shaft only loosely, leaving the bushing loosely in place.All of this and more are available to our customers through one provider, including a huge warehousing facility, short-notice availability, and quick production capabilities for custom-made products.

poleas taper lock

When setting the bushing, you may need to use a rubber mallet and block to tap it into place. You may then tighten the screws gradually, cycling from one to the next, until you reach the rated torque for your bushing and screws.In summary, you should have all the necessary documentation on hand the entire time. Lastly, fill all remaining holes with grease to protect against contamination.What are the most important things that you should watch out for?The initial step in lubricating or applying anti-seize to the bushing is the absolute wrong step to take. Over-tightening screws, meanwhile, can cause damage to the bushing and shaft, resulting in decreased performance until failure occurs.

If installation and dismantling are frequent, the Taper-Lock system is well suited to standard drives that require a flexible shaft diameter and adjustment. However, there are limitations in torque transmission and system stability.Finally, when tightening the screws, alternate them so that uniform pressure is applied across the entire unit, preventing a “pinch point” or “pressure point” from developing that will snowball into a larger issue once the unit is in operation.

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