What Does SH Mean in Pressure Washing?

Countless people that are trying to pressure wash their homes in anticipation of guests that will be arriving shortly tend to get quite bamboozled by some of the more technical terms that experts in the field might use on occasion. At the end of the day, these technical terms are not as complicated as you would be assuming. Rather, they are just part of the overall jargon used in the industry, and every term probably has an easier name for it that you wouldn’t struggle to wrap your head around.

For example, if you have tried to look into power washing near me and come across the SH initials, you should know that this stands for Sodium Hypochlorite. Now, we know that this didn’t really do much to alleviate your disorientation, but bear with us as we dive deeper into it. You have probably realized that SH is a chemical due to the reason that that’s what Sodium Hypochlorite sounds like,but what this chemical actually does might still seem like a really huge mystery to you.

Another name for SH is bleach, and you might be surprised to know that this laundry chemical is useful in a pressure washing context as well for the most part. Indeed, bleach is a highly common element for people to use in the pressure washing industry, and a lot of them feel like it can boost the potential cleaning that they can get after they mix it in with the right concentration. The main reason for bleach being used is that it can denature mold colonies in your wall which is important because they might come back if you don’t use it.


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