How to choose the perfect cortinabao? Tips for selecting material

perfect cortinabao

Choosing the proper material for cortina baño is difficult. The shower curtain improves the beauty of the bathroom. Not only was it beautiful, it also provided privacy for the bathroom.

Many bathroom curtains are the wrong size. This makes you expect your privacy. Make sure that the curtain will suit your bathroom before buying. The material of the curtain also needs to be considered while buying it for the bathroom, because the bathroom has higher moisture content than any other room in the house. Here are some tips for buying proper curtains for your bathroom.

cortina baño

The three types of bathroom curtain materials so far used commonly are:

  1. Cotton
  2. Vinyl
  3. Microfiber


Most traditional and modern showers choose cotton curtains, because cotton curtains are effortless to clean and maintain for a long period of time. Cotton curtains are also available in large designs, patterns, colors, and floral prints. Here, most houses use cotton curtains in all other rooms except the bathroom. Cotton absorbs excess moisture content better than any other material. As a result, cotton is added to vinyl or microfiber to be used in tubs and showers because the fabric prevents water absorption.

  1. Vinyl

If you are too busy with your other commitments to wash your cortinabao on a regular basis, consider vinyl curtains as an alternative.This requires less maintenance and this is a water-resistant material.

These curtains are available in various patterns, colors, designs, and materials. So, you can match the curtain with your bathroom flooring and décor.


This is also known as polyester. This is commonly used for bathroom showers as it is heavier and the vinyl also resists water. It also gets wet like cotton, but the moisture content evaporates quicker than other materials. As these are heavier than other curtains, make sure that the curtain rod is able to support the extra weight.

Commonly, shower curtains are not plain. You need to add some design to feel the theme. That can be enforced through the bathroom curtain. Other than the material used the size of the material chosen for the bathroom is very essential.

The bathroom shower head should be placed 1 foot above the floor; it should not touch the floor. Measure the exact size of the room and the width of the room that is to be covered with a curtain.

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