How to choose the color of the joints in floors and walls

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The choice of the color of the joints requires attention, the general aesthetics of the floor or wall will depend on it, the beauty of the environment in general: the small details make the difference. The color can be chosen in continuity with that of the tiles, if they have a uniform tone, or you can identify the emerging tone and connect with it bulk safety and PPE supplies.

Another possibility can be to go into visual contrast and therefore to highlight the geometric grid by placing the surface of the tile in the background. The choice of color is stylistic, you can compare yourself with a designer, an expert in the sector and to know the chromatic possibilities proposed by the grout manufacturers for joints.

Examples are the red and yellow shown in the photo on the side. It has an environmentally friendly approach , addressing the problem of the development of microorganismson the surface of the joints with a search for alternative non-chemical methods, it is therefore antibacterial and fungistatic, resistant to aging, stabilized with pure natural lime, water-repellent with low absorption, ideal for porcelain stoneware .

How to renew tile joints

It is inevitable that over time part of the mortar making up the joint of the coatings can degrade and partially subtract in small portions, however causing problems that are not exactly trivial since they are linked to water infiltration , especially if it is an outdoor floor, perhaps balconies or of terraces.

The problem of floor joints that crumble over time is a phenomenon that we cannot combat, but is limited by restoring the worn parts.

The lack of mortar in some points must be filled with a special material suitable for the type of coating present, it is generally found in powder and therefore must be mixed with water before using it. First of all it is necessary to remove the old material with a small chisel or a slotted screwdriver, up to the depth: all residues must be eliminated, even those pulverized.

After having cleaned the entire surface, the new mortar to be inserted in the joints must be prepared and the mixture is usually composed of white cement plus water as well as additives according to the cases and needs, additions of waterproofing agents and dyes.

The consistency of the mixture must be mostly creamy and must therefore be poured into the four corners of the tile, using a metal or rubber spatula called trowel.

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